Named after the Grand Master António Manoel de Vilhena situated in Old Theatre Street, a street famously known for the Manoel Theatre built in 1732 by the order of Grand Master himself which today is known as the third oldest theatre in Europe.

Situated a few meters away from Strait Street more famously known as Strada Stretta, the entertainment hub back in the 19th to mid-20th century. In the past few years Strait Street has seen a resurgence of interest which has sprung Strait Street back to it's former glory.

Views of Manoel Island, St. George's Palace Square, Sliema Promenade and the scenery of the streets enhance can be seen from the rooms which help bring out the character of the de Vilhena and The Capital City.

António Manoel de Vilhena was a Portughese Nobleman and the 66th Grandmaster of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem from (1722 – 1736). Unlike a number of other Grandmasters before him, De Vilhena was a benevolent and popular Grandmaster most famously known for restoring Mdina’s city fortifications, the construction of the Mdina Gate, Palazzo De Vilhena, the Banca Giuratale (Municipal Palace) and the Corte Capitanale (Court House). In 1723, De Vilhena ordered the construction of the Fort Manoel on what is now most commonly known as Manoel Island. A year later, the Grandmaster founded a suburb called Borgo Vilhena in order to meet the demands of housing within Valletta. Today, this suburb is known as Floriana which is situated on the outskirts of Valletta. One can notice both the Lion Fountain and the Bronze statue of the Grandmaster himself located in Floriana as a tribute to him. One of Vilhena’s most popular and famous legacy remains till today in the Teatro Pubblico in 1731 – nowadays referred to as Manoel Theatre. This Theatre was personally commissioned and funded by the Grandmaster himself to serve as a public theatre “for the honest recreation of the people” It has since been reputed as the National Theatre and third oldest working in Europe still withstanding. The street on which our hotel is located is hence called Old Theatre Street in relation to this cultural gem.

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